Inflexible Imperfection

Significant progress in anything has been minor.

A Midwest Vacation has seen little development although the advance for the cover has been paid to the artist.  He’ll no doubt have the cover completed far before the first draft is done.  The Trismus Candidate, after a format obsessed review, has once again undergone an attempt at a better layout but Lulu persists in their design inflexibility.  Imperfection is simply unavoidable, I’m afraid.  The hardcover edition has been brought down in exchange for a still-in-process paperback which is listed but not recommended (currently).

Dax Sterner’s website is coming along.  You can check that out here.  Buy his book.  It’s good.  Also, peep Rick Hiltbrunner’s new(ish) web comic Skidmarks Johnson.  It’s like looking into a dirty mirror.

“With a good handshake, ever yours..”


~ by A L Shipp on August 10, 2011.

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